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modern clouth

Do not wear them like this.
Say tight clothes
Be careful with body hugging dresses.

Though the dress of body hugging dresses or fittings may be the first choice for youngsters, such dresses are not right at all in terms of health. Recently, a number of such cases have surfaced, where the tight jeans or dress has come on the life of the person. What is the Tight Jeans Syndrome and how it can be avoided. Never Wide Bottom, Never Boot-cut, Never Straight, Capricorn Style, Never High West, Then Low West Jeans Fades in Fashion. These days, skinny or tight-fitted jeans are also very trendy in Low West. But we do not want to know how to look fashionable, how it affects our health. Skinny jeans fond girls can have different types of problems from back to heels.

modern clouth

Why is the danger bell

Experts say that wearing tight jeans not only stops blood circulation in the thieves, but also the part behind the feet blossoms. Because of which the person is first unconscious. Several cases have also been revealed, in which the victim's jeans have been saved and saved lives.

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Tight jeans syndrome

Wearing low west or tight jeans affects a sensitive vein passing through the lower part of the stomach. This can jeopardize the knees and the thighs and it also numb the area. There is also fear of having pain and digestive problems in the legs with this syndrome.

Use caution

Wearing a skin tight jeans puts pressure on the muscles of the thyase, causing a blood attack in the foot stops and the feet are numb. If you also wear skin tight jeans and do the work of standing or sitting all day, then this is a danger bell for you. It can cause weakness in the legs. It would seem that your legs are cut off It is not that this problem is only for young women. Wearing tight jeans for men can also be harmful to health. Apart from this, bleeding from the testicles can end up as well as distortion in the testicles. By wearing jeans, the natural process of blood-circulation is interrupted.

Do not ignore

There is no harm in wearing jeans, but the young women need to worry, whose jeans are more tight-fitted on the back side. Apart from this, wearing a tight belt also keeps the danger of being spoiled. If you are continuously wearing jeans by ignoring the Tight Jeans syndrome, your thighs may be permanently destroyed. Occasionally there is no problem wearing it, but wearing it everyday can reduce the risk. Keep in mind, fashion is good, which does not harm health with comfort.

Blood circulation

Wearing body hugging has difficulty in movement of joints and muscles also become strained. These disrupt the blood circulation of the blood. After this there are problems like pain and swelling.

Back pane

Skin tight clothing also emphasizes our back muscles and does not allow our hip joints to have free movement. It also affects the back and the spinal cord. This starts back painting.

Deep Wayne thrombosis

Those who wear long-lasting jeans may have a problem of DVT. This can lead to blood clots in the nerves of the feet, as well as slowing blood pressure.
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