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In winter, everyone's skin becomes rigid and lifeless.
Healthy skin should be kept healthy and fresh.
Use only mild face wash even if the skin is oily.

In winter, everyone's skin becomes rigid and lifeless. While everyone wants that his skin always looks healthy and fresh. If you want the same, then know that the skin should be kept healthy and fresh in some way, not from make-up. Very few women think that skin remains glowing due to good diet and lifestyle. Today we are telling you some tips that will keep your skin completely fresh and glowing. Take some easy and effective tips to protect the skin from the scorching wind. Regular use of these prescriptions can keep the skin as soft as before. The biggest thing is that you do not even need to make any effort to do this. So let's know what the tips-

scin care

These 10 tips will keep your skin healthy and glowing

In the winter, if the skin of the face is most open, keep it on such a cream or moisturizer. Use only mild face wash even if the skin is oily. Keep skin scrubbing and then apply sunscreen.
Use Mild Soap while bathing. With the use of hard soap, the skin becomes dry as well as bursts.
Bathe with cold water in winter season is more beneficial. This not only reduces the feeling of cold but also can be avoided by the outbreak of cold and cold. If you can not use cold water for bathing, take lukewarm water, more hot water damages the skin, and bathing with warm water also takes cold throughout the day.
After the bath, use cold cream and moisturizer on the skin. It keeps moisture of the skin and the skin can be preserved to some extent from the cold and dry air outbreak.
Apply the face pack of bananas and papaya, this will keep the skin tight and your face too
Do not sit in the sunlight for the sunlight, because the sun's sharp ultraviolet rays can increase skin problems, so it is better to use sun block cream on the skin before sitting in the sun.
If your skin is more roughen then massage the almond or olive oil on the face and other parts before sleeping at night.
Due to good quantity of water in winter, moisture remains in the lips. Also use lip balm and petroleum jelly. Make the distance from the lipstick as far as possible, because it drys the lip. If you want, you can sleep in the night by putting ghee or butter.
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If the lips have also been torn apart with your face, then after mixing one or two drops of milk in the milk cream before sleeping, massage the faces and lips and mix the juice of rosemary and neem juice. This will also enhance your skin.
Make a mixture of yellow egg yolk, orange juice, olive oil, lemon juice and rose water and apply it on the face for 15 minutes before bathing, then wash it with lukewarm water. Can get acceleration.
Make regular massage of the skin with coconut oil. This makes blood flow to the body in the right way and the skin becomes soft and bright.
Grate the gram of mung and lentil and grind it and add milk to it and put it on the skin for a couple of days before bathing for two or three days a week. The skin will remain soft, soft and tender, and the skin will remain healthy. Gram flour can also be used.
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