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hair oli tips

Amla is rich in vitamin c and calcium.
Surely this oil should be found in the hair once or twice a week.
Amla is very beneficial for skin and hair.

Amla is considered very beneficial for hair. Amla is considered to be the most effective medicine for hair and skin in Ayurveda. The beneficial use of vitamin C and calcium rich amla is as beneficial as its oil is beneficial. There are many varieties of amla oil in the market but those oils are used in chemicals because of which it is not as beneficial as amla's natural oil.
You can make Amla's pure oil easily at home. Applying it in the hair and on the skin gives a lot of benefits, as well as it is made of your hands, therefore it is absolutely pure, without chemicals and adulterants.
hair oil tips

Make such ginger oil

To make this oil, take a little amla and cut it into small pieces and make a fine paste.
Mix this paste in your hair oil or coconut oil and tighten the bottle lid tightly.
Amla oil will take a week to mix well.
Filter the oil after a week and fill it in a clean bottle.
Just your oven oil is ready.
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How to experiment

You must have this oil once or twice a week in your hair. This will make your hair black and dense and the problem of breakdown and loss of hair will end. Apply it to lighten the fingers of your fingers on your head lightly. Also, after washing it 40 minutes before putting oil, the hair will become silky and soft. Amla oil is very beneficial for hair. Apart from this, consumption of amla is very beneficial for your skin and hair. It shines in the skin and the effect of age is also less.

Why are these oils beneficial for hair?

Amla oil is very beneficial for hair fall, uneven white and other hair problems. This is the best Ayurvedic treatment for hair. Vitamin C present in amla oil and helps in keeping nutrients such as iron, calcium, phosphorous, hair and scalp healthy. The earlier women used Amla as a natural dye. Amla oil helps in blackening the hair that is getting white.

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Amla's diet is also beneficial
Amla is a good source of Vitamin C In one amla, the amount of vitamin C is equal to 3 oranges.
By eating Amla, the liver gets strength, so that the toxins are easily released in our body.
By taking Amla, the body's immune system is strong.
An old juice can also be drunk. Drinking juice of amla will clear blood.
By eating Amla, the eyesight increases.
Amla is very beneficial for body skin and hair.
In morning breakfast, take the marmalade of gooseberry, your body remains healthy.
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