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beauty care

Products purchased without consideration
After using one or two times, they are placed in a corner.
Products expire or seal

Do you buy a full makeup palette to take a colorful eyeshadow? If yes, then this is the reason that some products are kept, which keeps their shelf life ending, they are out of trend. Learn some tips that will save you from these mistakes.

It often happens that we go out to buy designer clothes and buy dresses and beauty products apart from matching accessories. Products purchased without consideration are put in a corner after using one or two times. These products are expired or sealed due to the continuous storage of days. To avoid such problems, follow the tips here.

beauty care

 Check every month

Check your beauty bag once a month. Use the products that are going to expire from them first. If you do not want to use it, then share it with Product Friends. If you do this once or twice, believe that you will be able to escape from the shopping unnecessarily.

Do not buy in haste

If you have a lot of products, you can not put them together so buy another only after the end of a product.

Always use

Products such as Eyeshadow or Highlighter can not be used everyday except for marriage or party but use things such as lipsticks, moisturizers, conasers, bleach creams in daily use.

Try Sample Pack
All Beauty Brands keep the samples of their products. Instead of spending money on these expensive products, use their sample pack instead. Especially when buying night cream, BB or CC cream, use their sample packs.

Do not go to endorsement

Never buy products that do not suit your needs and budget. Buy products according to your need and skin. Avoid products that you just look at for celebrity or add-ons.

Buy multiprush products
Buy products that are used in many make-up. Such as lipstick, which is used like cheek tint or BB Cream, which can be used as a conjunctory. This will save you from buying a lot of products.

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Buy Only Small Packs
If you are buying a new beauty product then take a small size pack. If the product does not come, then at least it would not be wise to buy a bigger pack. They will also fit in your travel kit.
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