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natural beauty

If you apply bold and brighter shades at an increasing age, then it may not be frustrating because the class will suit you at this age. VLCC's Beauty Expert Vishal Mudgal points out that make-up is good when it is done according to age. If you think that you also look beautiful in red lipstick at an increasing age, then it is not necessary that it is correct. Exceptions say that make-up is the best, which can be done by looking at the age. Teenage and 20+ makeup kits and the way they apply apply a little change. Today, we are telling you the right way to do makeup according to age, as well as what to keep in mind while doing make-up.

Experiments in Teenage

In teenage you can do many kinds of experiments with your look. Apply bright shades such as orange, pink, red and magenta at this age. Do not make the mistake of putting dark shades.

natural beauty

Make-up like this

Step 1: Clean the face with cleansing milk and add moisturizer.

Step 2: Put Bbm ie Blemish Cream If there are stains on the face then apply congestion on it and make a blend. Put Loose Powder to set them on the face.

Step 3: Use Bright Pink Shadow in Eye Makeup. Apply Liquid Black Liner After Applying Eyeshadow To show eyes bigger, put a white liner on the water line. Use the mascara on the eyelashes.

Step 4: Apply Blush to Light Pink Color on Chicks. It is important to blend well.

Step 5: Apply lip gloss or lipstick to a light shade.

Makeup tips

Apply eyeshadow with the help of point brush. If the shadow is found in extra space then clean it with sponge or band.
natural beauty
When putting the eyeliner, note that it can be applied both on top and bottom on the overlays line but do not overdo it. Use mascara later.

Only a single coat of lipstick is enough.

Show in 20+ Natural
After 20+, girls focus more on their careers. That is why in the make-up kit, you take natural shades instead of bright and bold colors.

Make-up like this

Step 1: Place the moisturizer

Step 2: Blend CC Cream or Foundation thoroughly on the whole face.

Step 3: At this age, dark colors of Eyeshadow Black, Blue or Gun Metal do more than suit.

Step 4: Apply naturally or nude lip color on the lips. Apply Lip Gloss to Shine.

Step 5: If you want to go out of the office, then put a stroke by taking a bronzer on the brush.

Makeup tips

Avoid Using the Heavy Foundation

Compact is good for oily skin.

Choose lite pink, red or peach color in lipstick or apply a simple lip gloss.

Use of night cream keeps your skin healthy, as well as removes the aggro and stains.

30+ Classes in Class
At this age, women become confidential about the look. In such a way, they like the Elegant and Classes. Do not forget to add shimmer or glitter to any Okayzan.

Make-up like this
Step 1: Face Cleaning and Moisturizing.

Step 2: Place the skin matching foundation. Blend well. Then put the face powder with the help of a brush.

Step 3: Find the eyeshadow of light pink shed on the eyes.

Step 4: Outlining with the help of lip pencil. Find matching lipsticks with outfits.

Makeup tips
Use vitamins-containing cream to remove wrinkles and aging lines. Explain before sleeping.

Avoid sunscreen and nightclubs to avoid sunlight.

If the skin is oily then use the primer before the foundation. This will help reduce your fine lines.

Urgent tips

Makeup Base: When buying a makeup base, neither take a shade light and neither dark. Put it on a jaw line in Natural Light, it will help you choose the right shade. Do not forget to take the Orange Tone Color Factor after the Conseiler to hide the DARK circle. If there are scars on the skin, dark circles or pimples, then take high coverage consoler and compact.

Lids: Use your fingers if new to make-up. Apply dark color on the lids and place the lightest color inside the lid. Colors like Bronze and Nude are safe shades to use at the beginning because they look good on every occasion.

Eyeliner: If the eyeliner is used then the gel or the pencil liner is good. Use Liquid Liner for Perfect Lines Use black or brown shades in the beginning.

Cheeks: Smile to apply blush. Now put it in circular motion.

Lips: Place coral, brown and pink. Red, fuchsia, orange and plums will be better for bold look. Cream lipstick catches small lips. Frosted lipstick is not for everyone because these lips feel heavy and dry.
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