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If you apply bold and brighter shades at an increasing age, then it may not be frustrating because the class will suit you at this age. VLCC's Beauty Expert Vishal Mudgal points out that make-up is good when it is done according to age. If you think that you also look beautiful in red lipstick at an increasing age, then it is not necessary that it is correct. Exceptions say that make-up is the best, which can be done by looking at the age. Teenage and 20+ makeup kits and the way they apply apply a little change. Today, we are telling you the right way to do makeup according to age, as well as what to keep in mind while doing make-up.

Experiments in Teenage

In teenage you can do many kinds of experiments with your look. Apply bright shades such as orange, pink, red and magenta at this age. Do not make the mistake of putting dark shades.

natural beauty

Make-up like this

Step 1: Clean the face with cleansing milk and add moisturizer.

Step 2: Put Bbm ie Blemish Cream If there are stains on the face then apply congestion on it and make a blend. Put Loose Powder to set them on the face.

Step 3: Use Bright Pink Shadow in Eye Makeup. Apply Liquid Black Liner After Applying Eyeshadow To show eyes bigger, put a white liner on the water line. Use the mascara on the eyelashes.

Step 4: Apply Blush to Light Pink Color on Chicks. It is important to blend well.

Step 5: Apply lip gloss or lipstick to a light shade.

Makeup tips

Apply eyeshadow with the help of point brush. If the shadow is found in extra space then clean it with sponge or band.
natural beauty
When putting the eyeliner, note that it can be applied both on top and bottom on the overlays line but do not overdo it. Use mascara later.

Only a single coat of lipstick is enough.

Show in 20+ Natural
After 20+, girls focus more on their careers. That is why in the make-up kit, you take natural shades instead of bright and bold colors.

Make-up like this

Step 1: Place the moisturizer

Step 2: Blend CC Cream or Foundation thoroughly on the whole face.

Step 3: At this age, dark colors of Eyeshadow Black, Blue or Gun Metal do more than suit.

Step 4: Apply naturally or nude lip color on the lips. Apply Lip Gloss to Shine.

Step 5: If you want to go out of the office, then put a stroke by taking a bronzer on the brush.

Makeup tips

Avoid Using the Heavy Foundation

Compact is good for oily skin.

Choose lite pink, red or peach color in lipstick or apply a simple lip gloss.

Use of night cream keeps your skin healthy, as well as removes the aggro and stains.

30+ Classes in Class
At this age, women become confidential about the look. In such a way, they like the Elegant and Classes. Do not forget to add shimmer or glitter to any Okayzan.

Make-up like this
Step 1: Face Cleaning and Moisturizing.

Step 2: Place the skin matching foundation. Blend well. Then put the face powder with the help of a brush.

Step 3: Find the eyeshadow of light pink shed on the eyes.

Step 4: Outlining with the help of lip pencil. Find matching lipsticks with outfits.

Makeup tips
Use vitamins-containing cream to remove wrinkles and aging lines. Explain before sleeping.

Avoid sunscreen and nightclubs to avoid sunlight.

If the skin is oily then use the primer before the foundation. This will help reduce your fine lines.

Urgent tips

Makeup Base: When buying a makeup base, neither take a shade light and neither dark. Put it on a jaw line in Natural Light, it will help you choose the right shade. Do not forget to take the Orange Tone Color Factor after the Conseiler to hide the DARK circle. If there are scars on the skin, dark circles or pimples, then take high coverage consoler and compact.

Lids: Use your fingers if new to make-up. Apply dark color on the lids and place the lightest color inside the lid. Colors like Bronze and Nude are safe shades to use at the beginning because they look good on every occasion.

Eyeliner: If the eyeliner is used then the gel or the pencil liner is good. Use Liquid Liner for Perfect Lines Use black or brown shades in the beginning.

Cheeks: Smile to apply blush. Now put it in circular motion.

Lips: Place coral, brown and pink. Red, fuchsia, orange and plums will be better for bold look. Cream lipstick catches small lips. Frosted lipstick is not for everyone because these lips feel heavy and dry.
face beauty

Fruits and vegetables are more beneficial and nutritious than peels.
Their consumption increases the immunity of disease and also helps to enhance the beauty.
Using these peels, many diseases can be prevented.

Usually, people put fruits and vegetables peel in the dustbin. Whereas fruits and vegetables are more beneficial and nutritious than peels. Their consumption increases the immunity of disease and also helps to enhance the beauty. Using these peels, many diseases can be prevented. Using these peels you can make a domestic bleach. So, know about the benefits of these peels.

Potato peel

Use potato peels to clean the skin. Pour potato peel and grind it, add some drops of rose water to it and mix it well. If the skin is oily then lemon juice and if the skin is dry, then add some amount of honey. Leave this paste for 15 minutes on your face, then wash it with clean water. It acts as a natural bleaching and removes stains from the face.
face beauty

Orange peel

The orange peel can be used to enhance the skin. It is also like a natural bleach. Mix orange orange peels in the sun and grind them fine. Add a little cream to that powder and make a paste. Take this paste for 10 minutes on your face and neck, then wash it with clean water. The stains will be far away and the skin will glow.

Cucumber peel

By eating cucumber the weight is controlled and its peel helps to clean the skin. Take out the cucumber peel and dry it, grind it well and mix some lemons of lemon in it; Now put this paste in a bowl and mix the aloe vera gel in it. Aloe vera can also replace a little wheat flour. Put this paste on your skin, this will keep the skin fresh.

Lemon peel

Make lemon peel dry well, grind it after drying. Mix some boond honey and a few drops of rose water on the face. It is a natural bleach which naturally fits the skin.

Papaya peel

Papaya is beneficial in eating and its peel helps to beautify the beauty. Drying away the papaya peel on the skin. Applying them on the ankles are soft.

Watermelon peel

Watermelon peel is used to remove skin problems such as herpes, eczema etc. As soon as you complain of eczema, dry the watermelon peels and burn them ashes. After that, adding that ash by mixing it with mustard oil removes the problem and the skin also comes in color.

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Banana peel

Make a paste of banana peel and mix it in egg yolk. Put this paste on the face and wash it after about five minutes. This eliminates the problem of wrinkles in the face and comes to the face.
scin care

In winter, everyone's skin becomes rigid and lifeless.
Healthy skin should be kept healthy and fresh.
Use only mild face wash even if the skin is oily.

In winter, everyone's skin becomes rigid and lifeless. While everyone wants that his skin always looks healthy and fresh. If you want the same, then know that the skin should be kept healthy and fresh in some way, not from make-up. Very few women think that skin remains glowing due to good diet and lifestyle. Today we are telling you some tips that will keep your skin completely fresh and glowing. Take some easy and effective tips to protect the skin from the scorching wind. Regular use of these prescriptions can keep the skin as soft as before. The biggest thing is that you do not even need to make any effort to do this. So let's know what the tips-

scin care

These 10 tips will keep your skin healthy and glowing

In the winter, if the skin of the face is most open, keep it on such a cream or moisturizer. Use only mild face wash even if the skin is oily. Keep skin scrubbing and then apply sunscreen.
Use Mild Soap while bathing. With the use of hard soap, the skin becomes dry as well as bursts.
Bathe with cold water in winter season is more beneficial. This not only reduces the feeling of cold but also can be avoided by the outbreak of cold and cold. If you can not use cold water for bathing, take lukewarm water, more hot water damages the skin, and bathing with warm water also takes cold throughout the day.
After the bath, use cold cream and moisturizer on the skin. It keeps moisture of the skin and the skin can be preserved to some extent from the cold and dry air outbreak.
Apply the face pack of bananas and papaya, this will keep the skin tight and your face too
Do not sit in the sunlight for the sunlight, because the sun's sharp ultraviolet rays can increase skin problems, so it is better to use sun block cream on the skin before sitting in the sun.
If your skin is more roughen then massage the almond or olive oil on the face and other parts before sleeping at night.
Due to good quantity of water in winter, moisture remains in the lips. Also use lip balm and petroleum jelly. Make the distance from the lipstick as far as possible, because it drys the lip. If you want, you can sleep in the night by putting ghee or butter.
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If the lips have also been torn apart with your face, then after mixing one or two drops of milk in the milk cream before sleeping, massage the faces and lips and mix the juice of rosemary and neem juice. This will also enhance your skin.
Make a mixture of yellow egg yolk, orange juice, olive oil, lemon juice and rose water and apply it on the face for 15 minutes before bathing, then wash it with lukewarm water. Can get acceleration.
Make regular massage of the skin with coconut oil. This makes blood flow to the body in the right way and the skin becomes soft and bright.
Grate the gram of mung and lentil and grind it and add milk to it and put it on the skin for a couple of days before bathing for two or three days a week. The skin will remain soft, soft and tender, and the skin will remain healthy. Gram flour can also be used.
beauty care

Products purchased without consideration
After using one or two times, they are placed in a corner.
Products expire or seal

Do you buy a full makeup palette to take a colorful eyeshadow? If yes, then this is the reason that some products are kept, which keeps their shelf life ending, they are out of trend. Learn some tips that will save you from these mistakes.

It often happens that we go out to buy designer clothes and buy dresses and beauty products apart from matching accessories. Products purchased without consideration are put in a corner after using one or two times. These products are expired or sealed due to the continuous storage of days. To avoid such problems, follow the tips here.

beauty care

 Check every month

Check your beauty bag once a month. Use the products that are going to expire from them first. If you do not want to use it, then share it with Product Friends. If you do this once or twice, believe that you will be able to escape from the shopping unnecessarily.

Do not buy in haste

If you have a lot of products, you can not put them together so buy another only after the end of a product.

Always use

Products such as Eyeshadow or Highlighter can not be used everyday except for marriage or party but use things such as lipsticks, moisturizers, conasers, bleach creams in daily use.

Try Sample Pack
All Beauty Brands keep the samples of their products. Instead of spending money on these expensive products, use their sample pack instead. Especially when buying night cream, BB or CC cream, use their sample packs.

Do not go to endorsement

Never buy products that do not suit your needs and budget. Buy products according to your need and skin. Avoid products that you just look at for celebrity or add-ons.

Buy multiprush products
Buy products that are used in many make-up. Such as lipstick, which is used like cheek tint or BB Cream, which can be used as a conjunctory. This will save you from buying a lot of products.

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Buy Only Small Packs
If you are buying a new beauty product then take a small size pack. If the product does not come, then at least it would not be wise to buy a bigger pack. They will also fit in your travel kit.
hair remove

Unwanted hair can be in any part of the face.
 Easily remove facial hair through waxing.
 Try threading, twizzing and bleaching techniques too.

Unusual hair in the face is a kind of stain in beauty, due to which you may have trouble. You make many attempts to remove these facial hair, but these hair again grow on your face. Unwanted hair comes due to any physical impairment, but not because of hormones imbalance. If you have unwanted hair on your face then do not have to worry about it, but by trying some simple methods, you can get rid of them easily. In this article, learn about ways to get rid of these unwanted hair in the face.

hair remove

Via waxing

It is an easy way to remove unwanted hair in the face, it can be used easily. Hair can be removed in any part of the face by waxing. This eliminates unwanted hair completely and softens your face's skin. Bowl waxing is done to remove facial hair. After waxing, the hair does not come again for a long time, because it removes the hair from the roots inside the skin of the face.

By bleaching

If your faces and chappals appear to be light-paced, then they can bleed to hide them. But keep your skin type in mind while bleaching, also check whether it is also suiting your skin or not. Take the bleach prepared for it, put it on your palm, then use it only. Before bleaching, keep one thing in mind and it is not a permanent remedy to remove the cry, but you will have to repeat this method from time to time.

From Threading and Twizzling

Use threading and twisting to remove unwanted hair from the face. Unusual hair of the face is mostly on unwanted hair chin, lips and capole. Threading can get rid of unwanted hair from the face. This also prevents unwanted hair growth like waxing. Threading is also done to give correct shape to IBRO. These hair should not be cut from scissors because it is not permanent treatment. You can also remove unwanted hair on the chin by plugging it, for this, the use of eyebrow-tweezers is considered better.

Hair Removing Cream

Use hair remover cream to remove facial hair. There is no pain in removing unwanted hair and no more time. But the biggest disadvantage of using it is that the unwanted hair quickly rises from it. Also keep in mind that do not use hair remover cream on your face anytime.


The use of electrolysis is considered good without plucking for the hair coming up on the lips. However, with this technique you can also remove hair from other parts of the body. Light electric current is used during electrolysis. But for the use of this technique you must use it for a few weeks only then you can get rid of unhealthy hair permanently.

Get Rid of Facial Hair in Hindi

Laser technology
Lasers of unwanted hair can be permanently removed from the laser because the hair from the laser is permanently eliminated from the root. The laser rays are concentrated on the root of the hair, causing the hair to be destroyed. It takes approximately seven to eight seating types.

Apart from this, you can use home remedies for facial hair removal. But before trying any method, definitely measure the sensitivity of your face. If there is any kind of problem then consult the dermatologist.

beauty tips

Men's skin is hard and harder than women.
Men's Beauty Products Men can not be used.
Men's skin gets damaged very quickly.

Men's skin is very different from women's skin. But people do not understand this difference, that's why they use a lot of market-made make-up products, while most of them are made for women's skin. Men's skin is more strict than women's skin. Therefore, she needs different treatment. Apart from this, most men have to stay out in sun and dust due to which their skin gets damaged. You can also make some special facepack at home to bring gloves on such a strict and damaged skin, which protects you from the loss of sunlight and pollution while bringing glow on your face.

face beauty

Milk Facepack

The milk pack of milk is natural, which, in the depths of the skin, recovers dead skin. And makes the skin soft and shiny Apart from this, closed loops also open the properties present in the milk. For this, keep raw milk in a bowl and soak the cotton or silk fabric in it and apply it on the face. And leave it for at least fifteen minutes to dry. After this you wash your face with cold water. By doing this remedy for a few days, you will start to feel the difference. Glow will also come in your skin.

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Papaya Facepack

The paste made from papaya for men's skin is very beneficial. Cut off the paneer and make a paste. Now add one spoon lemon juice and one spoon of milk and mix well. Now put this face pack on your face well with both hands. Wash your face with water after drying for ten minutes. This remedy decreases the dead skin. And as the face becomes clear, it also comes in color. For better results, please do this measure for three days a week.

Banana Facepack

The banana face pack also gives life to the lifeless skin of men. The mangoes in bananas work by going deeper in the skin. Put the banana paste in the rose water and put it on the face. And let it dry for a while. Wash your face with water afterwards. Using the face pack made of bananas in this way, the spots stained by the skin and the pimples are cleansed. Simultaneously, facial dirt is easily removed.

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Multani Soil Facepack

Face pack made from Mulani clay can make the skin of men rejuvenate and make it beautiful. Put the rose water in the soil and make paste and apply it on the whole face. After some time wash the face with water. If you do this every day, then you will see the difference on your own skin. Multani soil will make your face soft and shiny.

modern clouth

Do not wear them like this.
Say tight clothes
Be careful with body hugging dresses.

Though the dress of body hugging dresses or fittings may be the first choice for youngsters, such dresses are not right at all in terms of health. Recently, a number of such cases have surfaced, where the tight jeans or dress has come on the life of the person. What is the Tight Jeans Syndrome and how it can be avoided. Never Wide Bottom, Never Boot-cut, Never Straight, Capricorn Style, Never High West, Then Low West Jeans Fades in Fashion. These days, skinny or tight-fitted jeans are also very trendy in Low West. But we do not want to know how to look fashionable, how it affects our health. Skinny jeans fond girls can have different types of problems from back to heels.

modern clouth

Why is the danger bell

Experts say that wearing tight jeans not only stops blood circulation in the thieves, but also the part behind the feet blossoms. Because of which the person is first unconscious. Several cases have also been revealed, in which the victim's jeans have been saved and saved lives.

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Tight jeans syndrome

Wearing low west or tight jeans affects a sensitive vein passing through the lower part of the stomach. This can jeopardize the knees and the thighs and it also numb the area. There is also fear of having pain and digestive problems in the legs with this syndrome.

Use caution

Wearing a skin tight jeans puts pressure on the muscles of the thyase, causing a blood attack in the foot stops and the feet are numb. If you also wear skin tight jeans and do the work of standing or sitting all day, then this is a danger bell for you. It can cause weakness in the legs. It would seem that your legs are cut off It is not that this problem is only for young women. Wearing tight jeans for men can also be harmful to health. Apart from this, bleeding from the testicles can end up as well as distortion in the testicles. By wearing jeans, the natural process of blood-circulation is interrupted.

Do not ignore

There is no harm in wearing jeans, but the young women need to worry, whose jeans are more tight-fitted on the back side. Apart from this, wearing a tight belt also keeps the danger of being spoiled. If you are continuously wearing jeans by ignoring the Tight Jeans syndrome, your thighs may be permanently destroyed. Occasionally there is no problem wearing it, but wearing it everyday can reduce the risk. Keep in mind, fashion is good, which does not harm health with comfort.

Blood circulation

Wearing body hugging has difficulty in movement of joints and muscles also become strained. These disrupt the blood circulation of the blood. After this there are problems like pain and swelling.

Back pane

Skin tight clothing also emphasizes our back muscles and does not allow our hip joints to have free movement. It also affects the back and the spinal cord. This starts back painting.

Deep Wayne thrombosis

Those who wear long-lasting jeans may have a problem of DVT. This can lead to blood clots in the nerves of the feet, as well as slowing blood pressure.
hair oli tips

Amla is rich in vitamin c and calcium.
Surely this oil should be found in the hair once or twice a week.
Amla is very beneficial for skin and hair.

Amla is considered very beneficial for hair. Amla is considered to be the most effective medicine for hair and skin in Ayurveda. The beneficial use of vitamin C and calcium rich amla is as beneficial as its oil is beneficial. There are many varieties of amla oil in the market but those oils are used in chemicals because of which it is not as beneficial as amla's natural oil.
You can make Amla's pure oil easily at home. Applying it in the hair and on the skin gives a lot of benefits, as well as it is made of your hands, therefore it is absolutely pure, without chemicals and adulterants.
hair oil tips

Make such ginger oil

To make this oil, take a little amla and cut it into small pieces and make a fine paste.
Mix this paste in your hair oil or coconut oil and tighten the bottle lid tightly.
Amla oil will take a week to mix well.
Filter the oil after a week and fill it in a clean bottle.
Just your oven oil is ready.
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How to experiment

You must have this oil once or twice a week in your hair. This will make your hair black and dense and the problem of breakdown and loss of hair will end. Apply it to lighten the fingers of your fingers on your head lightly. Also, after washing it 40 minutes before putting oil, the hair will become silky and soft. Amla oil is very beneficial for hair. Apart from this, consumption of amla is very beneficial for your skin and hair. It shines in the skin and the effect of age is also less.

Why are these oils beneficial for hair?

Amla oil is very beneficial for hair fall, uneven white and other hair problems. This is the best Ayurvedic treatment for hair. Vitamin C present in amla oil and helps in keeping nutrients such as iron, calcium, phosphorous, hair and scalp healthy. The earlier women used Amla as a natural dye. Amla oil helps in blackening the hair that is getting white.

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Amla's diet is also beneficial
Amla is a good source of Vitamin C In one amla, the amount of vitamin C is equal to 3 oranges.
By eating Amla, the liver gets strength, so that the toxins are easily released in our body.
By taking Amla, the body's immune system is strong.
An old juice can also be drunk. Drinking juice of amla will clear blood.
By eating Amla, the eyesight increases.
Amla is very beneficial for body skin and hair.
In morning breakfast, take the marmalade of gooseberry, your body remains healthy.
hair oil

Apricot oil makes hair tall and thick
Bring Shine and Strength from Exicot Hair Oil Mask
These Apricot oil hair masks can be used at home

Apricot oil or apricot oil is made from apricot seeds. This golden orange fruit is a source of beta-carotene and fiber, and when you put it on your hair, hair gets the nutriment required. I.e. Exotic Hair Oil has many beauty benefits. Apricot oil is light and there is fragrance in it. It is used in many beauty products.

The fruits of this fruit are in skin and hair care products, such as balm, cream, cosmetic, lotion. If you like shiny hair, then apricot oil is a boon for you. Instead of putting this oil on the direct hair, apply its hair mask, which is more beneficial, because it will make your hair not only shiny, but twice as long and stronger than before.

hair oil
Apicot oil contains many vitamins, antioxidants, minerals such as copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and potassium, which leads to good growth of hair. Since this oil has moisturizing properties, it also helps to remove the problem of dandruff and dry scalp.

These are 7 types of hair masks made from apricot oil, which you can try at home:

Apricot oil + Coconut oil

Take apricot oil and coconut oil in equal amounts and mix them. Then put it on scalp and hair. It's the best for dry hair. After applying this, make a shoe of your hair and wash it with shampoo after two hours.

Apricot oil hair mask

Heat the apricot oil slightly. Then put it in circular motion on the scalp. Massage up to 20 minutes continuously. Keep oil on hair for 2 hours. If you want soak the towel in hot water and you can put your hair in it. This will make oil more effective.

Apricot oil and lemon mask

Dandruff also causes hair to fall. Try Apricot Oil and Lemon Mask for this. Mix 2 tablespoons of Apricot oil and 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Keep in mind that lemon juice is not too high, as it causes scalp to dry. Leave this mixture on the hair for 15 minutes and then wash the hair.

Apricot oil and aloe vera hair mask

If your hair stays dry, tell you that aloe vera is a very good conditioner. When you mix it with apricot oil, the result becomes even better. Muzzle Aloe Vera pulp thoroughly. Mix 2 tablespoons of Apricot oil. Now wash this hair oil mask after 15 minutes. You can also use it later as a conditioner.

Apricot and honey mask

If the ends of the hair are rough, honey can make them soft. Mix 1 tablespoon honey and 2 tablespoons applikot oil. After properly stirring it, place it in circular motion on the hair. Then bind your hair in hot towels for 20 minutes.

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Apricot oil and castor oil (castor oil)
Castor oil is used for the strength of hair. To make the Effective Hair Masks, mix the applique oil and castor oil. After mixing 2 tablespoons of apricot oil and 1 tablespoon castor oil, place it on hair and scalp. For better results, repeat it twice a week.

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Masks made from apricot oil and white part of egg
Put the egg white part in a bowl. Then slowly add the Apricot oil to it. When it mixes well, then apply it on hair and scalp. After 20 minutes, wash the hair.

hair care

It is necessary to apply oil to prevent hair loss.
Dandruff threatens to keep oil in excess for long.
If the pH level of hair is correct, then it is also very easy to put oil for one hour.

Oil is very beneficial for hair, you have always heard from it. But do you know that having a large amount of oil in the hair may be harmful for a long time. Many times, people advise you to stop hair loss or to increase hair, leave a lot of oil in the hair and leave for overnight. But doing this can be detrimental to hair health. Let's tell you how long it is to put oil in the right and what is the correct way of hair oiling.

hair care

Why is it necessary to apply oil in the hair

Your hair also has a big role in your beauty. The oil is applied to protect hair from weakness and to maintain glow in it. Oil helps in strengthening the hair roots by going inside the skin of the hair, preventing hair breakdown and hair growth. Different vitamins and antioxidants present in different oils have a lot of benefits, which help in making the hair strong and thick. Therefore it is necessary to apply oil in the hair.

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How long should it be in oil oil

How long should you put oil in your hair, depending on your hair type. If your hair is healthy and the pH level of hair roots is correct then leaving it in the hair for just one hour, it is enough, because in the meantime all the nutrients reach in the skin and the hair gets nourished. But if your hair is very dry, broken and lifeless, then you need better conditioning, so it is better to leave oil in the hair for 5-6 hours.

Why waste oil more often

Leaving the oil in the hair for longer periods is harmful. In fact, dust particles, dirt and dirt are attracted rapidly in oil-covered hair. While you sleep inside the house, very fine dust is easily reached in the hair roots. These dust and dirty substances accumulate in scalps and cause dandruff. In addition, in 4-5 hours, your scalp absorbs the nutrients present in the oil. Therefore, keeping the oil for a long time after this is of no use. If your body lacks Vitamin E, then keeping long-lasting oil increases the problem of hair loss much faster. It should always be kept in mind that do not leave the hair in the hair more than 12 hours.

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How to Find Oil in the Hair

Take any oil of your choice and lukewarm water on low flame for two minutes. This helps in increasing blood circulation. Now divide your hair into small pieces and apply lukewarm oil on your hair slowly with the fingers. The warmth of the head opens with the opening of the hair follicles of the head. But do not ignore the oil with palms. It breaks the hair from the roots. If you want the oil to move well within the head then steam the roots of your hair. For this, soak a large towel in hot water, squeeze out and remove excess water and wrap your hair in this towel. Oil massage is just external treatment. If you put too much oil, you will have to put too much shampoo to clear it, so that the hair will dry again.
beauty mekup

Generally ladies square measure terribly aware concerning their beauty.
Bronzers, liquids, powders and creams square measure found in several forms.
Use mixer or sponge to provide makeup an ideal end

There square measure many sorts of merchandise obtainable in Beauty Market. over and over ladies purchase them, however they are doing not apprehend the proper thanks to use them. excluding this, they are doing not look rigorously with the label of the merchandise. these days we have a tendency to square measure providing you with some special info associated with beauty merchandise. they're going to learn several things associated with beauty merchandise. typically ladies square measure terribly aware concerning their beauty. they begin adopting each beauty methodology that produces their skin look clean and pleasant. over and over they pip out by staring at the breed of a beauty product however the way to use them, they're unaware of of these things. excluding this, it's vital to understand whether or not the merchandise can come back to the skin or not. study a number of the items associated with beauty and makeup, that you'll have detected concerning most frequently however you'll not have a lot of info concerning them.

Correct info of primer

With the assistance of primer you'll save your makeup from spoiling for long periods of your time. It prepares a sleek base for makeup, which provides floral look. continuously use it once applying moisturizer. 1st wash your face with water. After this, apply moisturizer and so use primer. realize the inspiration once the primer.

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beauty mekup

Beauty mixer is additionally vital

Use mixer or sponge to provide makeup an ideal end it's like eggs. Often, ladies use fingers to mix conjuncer or foundation, however they are doing not mix within the same method within the skin. 1st place the inspiration within the hand. mix the mixer gently and mix it properly. currently place the inspiration on the face with the assistance of a good section of mixer. If you're putt the Concealer, then mix it from the purposeed point of mixer.

Bronzer's Secrets

Bronzers, liquids, powders and creams square measure found in several forms. it's wont to bring shine within the skin. place it on the chicks bones, jaw line and forehead with the assistance of a brush. detain mind, additional use of a bronzer will spoil the design. Considering the skin tone, use the bronzer.

Concealer's magic

Sometimes it happens that despite the entire make-up, the dark circles seem on the face. Not solely this, typically lightweight scars on the face cannot be hidden from the inspiration. Use of the conciler is vital to avoid this downside. Concealer feels like a foundation however it's additional tense. once applying the primer, apply the concealer. mix with a light-weight conciler on the stained-stained elements. Concealer skin tone ought to be a shade lighter.

Highlighter's Advance

There is not a lot of distinction between highlighter and bronzer, however don't use these 2 along. Highlighter's work is to bring glow within the skin. Place it on the cheek bones, fourheads, brow bones, eyelids and nose areas.

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Read the labels

There square measure many sorts of ingredient in each single product. there's very little distinction in their blessings and downsides. therefore check the label rigorously and check the ingredients. See if there's a desire for the skin in it or not. it should be that one amongst the chemicals or materials contained in it doesn't suit you. Fragrance merchandise may also cause allergies over and over, therefore detain mind of these things before shopping for $.

Keep the main target of the weather

It is vital to pick out cosmetics per the weather. for instance, skin and skin issues square measure completely different. Therefore, use the merchandise per the weather specific.
lips beauty

Many songs are written on the wonder of lips, 'Bhgee Lip Tere, Pyaa Dil Mera ...', 'Lip rasile Tera lip lashele ....' These songs tell however necessary the wonder of lips is. Poets have written plenty on the wonder of lips. If the lips square measure lovely then the wonder of the face will increase. However, with the correct care of traditional lips, the wonder of them can even be increased .

The impact of the lips on each lip. The impact of daylight and daylight within the summer is that skin of the lips gets black and it conjointly starts detonating. there's a special want of caring for lips. take away the skin of dead skin lips of lips is kind of sedative. It has to be clean fastidiously. to get rid of the dead skin of lips, soak the bowl within the water and keep it on the lips for a moment so the dead skin of the lips becomes soft. After this, soak the bowl within the water and clean the lips with lightweight. place some lightweight massage on the lips before putting petrolium jelly on your lips nightly. except for this, the lips can even sleep by drawn butter on the lips.

Let the lips have enough wetness

Insert adequate salve on the lips before applying lipstick. Then take away excess balm with the assistance of a couton and apply lipstick. flavoured Lipbum survives during this. Use any medicine application for broken lips so there's no infection.


How square measure you lipstick

If your lipstick isn't unfold round the lips, use clove sticks lipstick or apply a lightweight foundation on your lips before applying lipstick. however don't use gloss lipsticks thereon. because of perspiration within the summer the chance of spreading lipstick is additional. If you are doing not like matte end lipstick, use the lippysil with neutral liner. once you do that, once your lipstick starts falling, you may not have to be compelled to repeat the define once more.

Lips fit

Light and glossy sheds square measure higher to indicate their fill to the lips, whereas the lips with a deep lipstick look little and skinny. If you would like, build a degree from the gloss in between the middle of the lower lip and pause with the finger. this can show the lips long and wide. Gloss reflects in lightweight that makes lips seem full.

Shimmer enhances the wonder of lips

If you wish redness or burgundy colours, however don't do that suit on your lips, then lightweighten the gloss thereon so the colour of it becomes light and appears engaging. If your lips square measure of peer form, then shimmer the lips with lightweight hands. For all different varieties of lips, shimmers will apply to the corners of the lips.

Soft lips lips

Lipstick ought to be lip look natural, filling the lipstick by creating a deep define, lips look gimmicky. when applying lip lipstick, Naturally look lovely, for this lipstick ought to be placed across your lower lip, then keep your lips on one another, so the extra lipstick takes place on the lips higher than. fastidiously unfold the lipstick on the lips with the assistance of lips to gloss on the lips, place gloss within the middle of the higher and lower lips, then press each lips on one another.

lips beauty

Pink lips in Hindi is said that beautiful lips also have a role behind a beautiful smile. In such a situation, it is natural to see people's eyes on the lips of a good smile. But if your lips are beautiful, but if the lips are faded, instead of being pink, then it will definitely have an effect on both your beautiful smile and your beauty. If you have a similar problem then today, to overcome your problem, you are going to tell us the home remedies for making the lips pink.

lips beauty

Sometimes our lips are more sensitive and delicate and the skin of the lips is thinner than the face. Since the sweat glands are not found in the lips, they need to be taken extra care and keep the healthy moisturizing regularly to keep the lips healthy. There are many reasons for which the colors of the lips are not pink and they are not visible. Let's know what are these reasons

Taking excess stress with poor lifestyle, smoking and bad food affects the color of the lips.
Drinking water in small quantities or having dehydration in the body causes the color of the lips to fade.
The use of it on the lips even after the expiry of the duration of the products is exhausted on the lips. Apart from this, poor quality products also make the lips colorless.
Lack of blood in the body (anemia) and heavy make-up is not affected by sleep in the night also due to the habit of sleeping.
Lamps disappear due to excessive sunlight and pollution.
lips beauty rose water
Rose petals and milk to make pink lips pink - Rose Petals and Milk to make lips pink in Hindi

Rose petal is found to contain natural oils and sugars that provide moisture to dry skin of the lips. At the same time milk is also a natural moisturizer which is considered good for providing color to the lips. Make five-six petals roasted in half cup of raw milk overnight and mash them in the morning and paste them well in the milk. Now put this paste on the lips and wash it after drying for a while. The lips will turn pink

Pomegranate seeds and lip pink made from milk - Pomegranate seeds and milk for pink lips in Hindi
The use of pomegranate or pomegranate juice is beneficial to health, besides pomegranate seeds are also considered to be very effective for making pink. If your lips are black and you want to make them pink, then all you have to do is to grind the ripe pomegranate grain well and then make a paste by mixing it with cream or raw milk. Keep this paste for 10 minutes on lips and then wash with warm hot water. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times a week Your lips will become beautiful and pink.

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Being lip black means that the amount of seed in your lips is very small. In this situation, it is necessary to moisturize them to make the lips healthy and pink. Apart from this, it is also important to keep in mind that if you get out of the house, then by leaving petroleum jelly or lip balm on your lips. Apart from this, cocoa butter can also be applied to make the lips pink. Lip lips are pink due to moisturizing the lips well.

lips beauty

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Milk and turmeric lips to make pink - Milk and Turmeric home remedies for pink lips in Hindi
The properties of healing are found in turmeric (healing properties of turmeric in hindi) and milk acts as a natural moisturizing agent. Applying these two together on the lips loses the blackness of the lips and the pink color comes on the lips. Mix one spoonful of turmeric powder in a spoonful of cold milk and then paste it on the lips, wash the lips with lukewarm water after 5 to 8 minutes and then apply lip balm on the lips. This is the most important way of making the lips pink.

Lemon and glycerine for pink lips - Lemon and Glycerin to Get Soft Pink Lips in Hindi
We all know that glycerin is a powerful morcharizing agent. It helps to make the lips soft and soft, and when it is applied with lemon juice, it removes pigmentation of the lips (lemon juice for pink lips in hindi) and helps to make the lips pink. Put one teaspoon glycerine in a vessel and mix one teaspoon lemon juice in it. Then put this paste on the lips with a brush or finger. After some time wash the lips with water. Accept this process for a week, you will definitely see the difference.

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Make Strawberry Paste With Lips Pink - Apply Strawberry Mixture for pink lips in Hindi
Strawberries contain very high amount of vitamin C and the antioxidants found in it
scin beauty

Due to lack of moisture, there is a problem of wrinkles on the skin.
These face masks will remove your skin and wrinkles problem.
These face masks can easily be made at home.

Many times your skin becomes dull due to lack of moisture, due to which there is a problem of wrinkles on the skin. Due to wrinkles, you seem to be older than age, hence it is necessary to get rid of it. Hydrating face masks are a good choice for making the skin soft and wrinkle-free. In this, natural ingredients are used, so it also prevents infection. Let us tell you 3 such hydrated face masks, which will make your skin beautiful and remove the problem of wrinkles.

scin beauty

Aloe vera gel mask for dry skin

Aloe vera gel and cucumber are very beneficial to remove the dryness. These two things help to hydrate the skin naturally. Aloe vera gel is beneficial for the skin and it eliminates nail, acne and wrinkles. The cucumber hydrate the skin, causing wrinkles to decrease. To make this mask you need 2 teaspoon aloe vera gel and 1 teaspoon cucumber juice.

How to use these masks

Firstly mix aloe vera gel and cucumber juice in a bowl.
Keep this face mask for half an hour.
Wash the face when the mask is dry.
Cover the face with a light hand from the towel.
After that apply a drop moisturizer to the entire face on the palm. Due to this, it will also remove dryness.

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Avocado's Mask for Oily Skin

If the skin is oily, then the white portion of the avocado and egg is beneficial to remove it. People with oily skin have to face many skin related problems. Usually the problem of having nail acne and color deep due to oily skin is common. Apart from this, some people get sweat due to oily skin. To get rid of these problems, you can trace these special masks made from egg edoco and egg white. To make this, you need 2 tsp mashed echocado, one egg white part and 1 lemon juice.

How to use these masks

Firstly mix the avocado, white egg and lemon juice in a bowl.
Wash the face once with water and apply it on the face.
Wash this mask with 25 minutes and then wash it with plain water.
This will remove the skin's extra oil and it will improve on the face.

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Mask for Dead Skin Grape Mask

The work of repairing grapes of hydrated face mask skin vitamins-E, which removes dead skin. Due skin causes your skin's skin color to disappear and the color is dark. Many antioxidants present in grapes are very beneficial for your skin. You need 12-15 grapes and 2 tablespoons of flour to make this mask.

How to use these masks

First make a paste of grapes and add 1 tsp flour and water and make paste.
Put it on the face for 15 minutes on face.
After 10 minutes wash the mask with plain water.
This will make the skin tight and the dead skin will also disappear.
Keep these things in mind
For the beautiful skin, it is very important to take care of some things. Do not wash the face repeatedly, it causes the skin to become stiff, which can cause skin irritation or irritation. If the skin is oily then use oil-free, fruit or herbal face wash. Use mild facialwash to wash your mouth.
nel beauty

Hot oil manicures build nails lovely and glossy.
Vitamin E oils ar the most effective for warm oil manicure.
This simple manicure will simply be done reception.

You must have manicured to reinforce your hands and nails well. you'll build your fingernails and skin lovely and glossy by the new oil manicure. persistently folks pay heaps of cash on these beauty treatments. however allow us to tell you that you just will simply manicure reception. Let's tell you the way you'll simply bang reception Hot Oil Menicure.

nel beauty

What is hot oil manicure

Hot oil manicure uses bound oils wealthy in vitamins and antioxidants, creating the skin cleans deep and nails become lovely. These oils nourish them within the depths of the nails and skin and build the particles robust. Beauty hospital ward is additionally necessary for your skin along side your nails. Hot oil manicure is that the best thanks to hospital ward nails.

What oils employed in hot oil manicure

Vitamin E oils ar the most effective for warm oil manicure. For this you'll use expressed almond oil|sweet almond oil|oil} or almond oil, vegetable oil or vegetable oil, physic or physic, vegetable oil or vegetable oil etc. If your nails ar broken or ar rough and dangerous, then vegetable oil is best used for it.

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How can hot oil manicure
First of all clean the nail paint on the nails through the remover.
Cut the nails however confine mind that they are doing not build them too little.
Keep in mind that the form of the nail should be matched along with your fingers.
Mix delicate shampoo in light-weight predicament. Keep the hands swaybacked in it for quarter-hour.
Use an honest brush to wash the nails.
Now heat your favorite oil heat and heat the nails.
After that use the bottom in your nails.
If you've got to use a nailpant, don't take the comb within the same direction by beginning with the bottom initial.
Olive oil
Olive oil i.e. olive oil, moisturizes your nails, creating the nails grow quicker. excluding this, it conjointly provides nails enough nutrition to form your nails stronger. Actually, because of lack of nutrition, nails break in no time. vegetable oil nails its nails and ends within the nails. excluding this, this oil may also be applied as a moisturizer reachable. vegetable oil contains antioxidant that is sweet for blood circulation. Apply vegetable oil thereto before sleeping within the nails.

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Vitamin H is important for nails
Vitamin H is important for the event and strengthening of nails. persistently once there's a shortage of this nutrition within the body, the nails become weak because of weakness or spectral colour in them. so vitamins ought to keep regular diet of B complex for healthy nails and healthy body. For this, you'll eat tomatoes, cucumber, lentils, carrots, whole grains, eggs, nut almonds and peanuts. excluding this, if you would like to shine within the nails, you must drink many water. because of lack of water the body will have several serious diseases.
eye mekup

In your temperament, four moans area unit stunning eyes.
Small eyes also can be shown by make-up massive and engaging.
These simple build-up tips can make your eyes look pretty stunning.

The beauty of the face is with eyes. stunning eyes not solely offer you the simplest look however additionally the four moons in your temperament. Generally, huge eyes area unit thought-about stunning however some individuals have very little eyes. the sweetness of your stunning eyes makes good makeup and boosts. If you are doing the correct makeup, then your eyes look huge and engaging. allow us to tell you some knowledgeable tricks, with the assistance of that you'll be able to increase your beauty and also the fantastic thing about your

eye mekup

Correct i-brao form

According to the shape of the eyes, if you set the hair i.e. I-brao form, it makes your eyes look stunning and massive. build eyebrows before creating eye make-up and set them with comb facilitate. will use black or brown pencils for proper form, that makes it natural.

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Primer and Foundation Base

This is the primary part of iMakeUp. Primer hinges make-up for long periods of your time. Before applying makeup, liner or shadow, you set the primer and also the foundation. With its facilitate, the dark circles and stains of the eyes hide below the eyes. After this, use the remaining make-up merchandise.

Hide Dark Circles from Concealer

After doing eye make-up, confirm to scrub the encompassing space of   the eyes and if there area unit dark circles then apply lasso powder thereon victimisation the concealer. to cover dark circles below the eyes, place the concealer below the eyes. that will increase the brightness of your eyes. over and over additional sleep will come back swelling below the eyes, that is termed Puffi Eye. This makes your eyes look tiny, therefore before you come in a celebration or a perform, don't sleep over it wants. to scale back the swelling of eyes, they will wash with cold water.

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Showing the eyelids thick and delightful

To give the eyelids a thick and delightful look, you'll be able to apply artificial eyelashes, or with the assistance of hair hair curler, you'll be able to curl the lashes with a double coat of makeup. With the makeup, your eyes can get an even bigger look, still because the fantastic thing about the eyes additionally will increase. The makeup is applied on the eyes on the higher and lower eyelids. By applying this, the eyelids area unit straightened and that they look larger than traditional. If you would like to rotate the eyelids, you'll be able to build a maskara.

Eye makeup

Eyeshadow takes extra space than eyes, eyes build it look larger. place a lightweight coloured powder makeup on the border of the island. Apply Dark Shadow on the crease. to form the eyes look huge, you'll be able to use Pell, Shimmer, Eye Shadow etc. on your eyes. Well some shades forever look sensible like - black, grey or purple If you're a school going woman then you'll be able to additionally apply colours like pink, brown or maroon. Place the makeup solely once putt liner and a makeup.
hair remove

Do not even use your partner's razor to another.
Hair growth depends not on razor, but on genetics.
Shaving does not make the skin dry and lifeless, but it is beneficial.
Using the new razor instead of the old razor is a better option.

Soft and soft skin is the basis of beauty for Indian women. Therefore, they avoid using razors. Although there are some mithunas behind this. With this we must also keep in mind that there is no scientific basis for any of these myths. Let's know some common myths associated with shaving and their atheism-

Do not have shaving hair

By shaving again the hair grows rapidly and they are more black and obese - this is the most common myth associated with razor. When you use the razor, you cut the hair at the surface of the skin. The razor does not affect hair roots. Therefore, it can not affect the hair regeneration Increasing hair depends on genetics and hormones.

Unsteady skin

The shaving does not make the skin tender or flaky. On the contrary shaving nourishes the skin, because it acts to remove upper dead skin and bring down the soft and soft skin above. To maintain the skin flexible, after shaving, it is advisable to apply the Morcharizer.

Fast growing hair

Shaving your hair faster, there is no truth in it. At every age of our hair, our hair grow at different speeds. With this gender and harmonica also have an impact on it. For example, after sticks grow faster than 50% faster than leg hair.

New razor does not bite

Generally it is believed that the newer razor bites more and the older razor runs better than it is. Whereas reality is just the opposite. The old razor can make you more upset, neither does it have the full advantage and you can not even shave the right way. Along with this, putting too much emphasis on razor or using a single blade razor can also damage the skin.

hair remove

High emphasis

Putting more emphasis does not give close shave. Putting too much emphasis on the razor is more likely to cut. Placing the blade parallel to the skin makes it easy to shave and the razor is able to work with its full potential. Shave hands lightly to get close shave.

Do not get close shave

You do not get close shave from shaving repeatedly in the same area. There is absolutely no need to do this when using razors. So if you are having trouble deleting the hair, it's time to change your razor.

Borrowing razor

It is not a smart decision to use another person's razor. The first thing is absolutely unnatural and secondly, women's hair removal needs differ from men. So, it is better that you use your own razor, we will not recommend using your partner's razor.

scin care

There are more problems related to skin and hair during the rainy season.
Do not apply olive oil on face, use it only in the cold.
Do not keep feet, hair or skin wet for long periods of time.
The sun's rays can damage your skin, avoid them.

Rainy season where there is happiness and relief on one hand, while there are many problems with it come with it. The effect of this season is also very high on your skin. Know how to keep your skin healthy during this season.

Beautiful woman is always considered to be the best time of the year. The weather is quite relieved after the hot summer and intense sunshine. In this way you feel yourself more energetic, but the other aspect of this season is dangerous in some ways. Skin and hair related problems are high in such weather. Your slight negligence can affect your beauty and health.

You can avoid health and beauty problems by taking a few precautions from your makeup, mascarizer, shampoo, and home and office.

According to Pritam Pankaj, senior cosmetic surgeon at New Look cosmetic laser center, it is important to adopt some tips for protecting the skin in monsoons:

scin care
Do not use hard soap.
Do not apply olive oil on face, it is only good in cold weather.
Do not accumulate water around the house to avoid mosquitoes and allergic reactions.
Do not keep your legs, hair or skin wet for a long time, as it can cause skin problems like fungal infections.
The sun's rays can damage your skin, so do not forget to apply sunscreen. It will protect you from allergies and ultraviolet rays.
Use a cleanser that is easy to clean and keep the tachyachhara clean. Use only clay eyes made from alpha hydroxyl acids.
The light of the make-up will be as easy as possible to make you enjoy the weather. Manicure and pedicure may be good for you but use waterproof eyeliner and mascara.

As well as avoiding the problems of skin problems, avoiding health related problems is equally important. According to Dr Rajeev Eri of the Delhi-based Paras Hospital, there is a high risk of having diseases related to hepatitis, typhoid and water along with skin related problems in such weather. Eat fruits and vegetables and eat a light diet. Eat less out of food and ate less water, so that the micro-organisms present in the water will be destroyed.


Things to keep in mind:

Do not forget to wash hands before eating, do not touch your face with your hands.
Eat less salad or raw vegetables.
Putting water into copper or silver vessels is not just fashion but it also destroys the germs present in the water.

However, we can not pay attention to these general things, and going forward, it becomes the cause of some terrible disease. Do not ignore small matters related to health.